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2009 to present

Innovative solutions for energy efficiency

We are an innovative engineering company specializing in energy and energy efficiency.

Established in 2009 as a spin-off from the Milan Polytechnic, we are currently a leading company in the field of technicalenergy services, focusing on improving the energy performance of buildings and facilities and environmental sustainability.

Engineering for energy and environmental sustainability

Our goal is to achieve continuous energy improvement for our clients by offering cutting-edge solutions through high-profile technological and management skills.
We offer the market professional engineering services based on internally developed assets in the following areas:

A path to energy efficiency

Customized solutions for our customers

We cater to energy and facility management companies, industrial companies and service sector activities, public agencies, and small-to-medium enterprises that want to develop energy efficiency engineering projects. We support our clients in developing technical and management solutions aimed at optimizing energy consumption, reducing maintenance expenses and environmental impact.

We offer a customized improvement path to achieve high energy performance and measurable overall benefits.

What we do

A comprehensive range of energy efficiency services

We offer the market professional engineering services and asset-based products/services developed during our decades of experience in the field.
Through a multidisciplinary approach, we are able to meet the market needs of the energy sector by providing consulting, design, bid engineering, and technical services.


Consulting, studies and evaluations

Bid engineering


Technical Services


A glimpse into the future

Technological innovation and openness to new sustainable scenarios are the basis of our work. The technical and intellectual curiosity of the entire team constantly enriches the content of the services offered and leads to the sharing of new topics with clients and collaborators through articles and publications.
Sensitivity to the field of research originated from the university cradle of our society, promoting development in the market closely linked to research proposals and projects. In parallel with engineering services, we collaborate with Italian universities in the development of master’s theses and research projects in order to propose innovative and cutting-edge solutions to the client and, at the same time, give greater visibility and concreteness to university projects.

Learn about the projects we’ve been working on

Our latest projects

Transformed Energy: Discover Our Projects. From diagnosis to implementation, explore concrete solutions for energy efficiency. See projects that demonstrate our commitment to sustainability. Learn how we meet challenges and achieve measurable successes.