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Bid engineering

We develop on behalf of our clients technical bids for participation in calls for tenders for public contracts, promoted by territorial authorities throughout Italy. The projects-offered, which can be very different in nature, are developed from an integrated design perspective and can consist, for example, of technical solutions aimed at making the building-plant system more efficient, facility management strategies aimed at rational use of energy, or management solutions for carrying out services in the area of soft facility services.

How to articulate a project-offer?

Project-bid preparation consists of a technical, economic, and organizational proposal through which the client will be able to ensure optimal management of the real estate stock owned by public agencies. Depending on the needs expressed by the entities themselves, proposals may be geared toward management and operation strategies for technological systems aimed at rational energy use, maintenance management to promote equipment durability, or toward upgrading the building-plant system by implementing specific interventions.
In this context, the services offered are oriented toward the following areas:

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The benefits of bid engineering

Structured and multinational companies active in Proposal Engineering find in us a valuable team that supports them in the drafting of technical, managerial and economic offers. The development of customized, sustainable and quality bids for participation in public and private tenders and projects in the areas of energy service, plant and construction maintenance services enables our clients to qualify with sponsoring entities for the implementation of projects and services. By entrusting our specialized team with the development of projects, clients have the advantage of being able to direct their internal resources on the preparation of business plans and the overall management of their orders.

Our bid engineering services

Energy Service

Presidential Decree 412/93 defines "energy service contract" as the contractual act governing the provision of goods and services necessary to maintain comfort conditions in buildings

EPC Contracts

Energy performance contracts (EPCs), or energy performance contracts, regulate energy services rendered by an energy-saving company (ESCo) to a beneficiary

Facility Management

As defined by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), facility management is an activity that spans multiple disciplines

Public-private partnerships (PPPs)

PPP represents a form of cooperation between the public and private sectors, with a wide range of different models, regulated by the Contracts Code (Legislative Decree 50/2016) in Title I of Part IV

Soft Services

In facility management, the activity deputed to the management of services supporting the core business of a company or facility can be distinguished between hard services and soft services

Our bid engineering services