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Design for energy efficiency of the building-plant system

Design is the starting point of any energy efficiency activity, which is why we have specialized over the years to perform all levels of design, from preliminary to executive. We also support our clients in the executive and final stages of projects, including carrying out construction management, safety coordination and any project audits.

A multidisciplinary approach for complex projects

Thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of our team and collaborations with outside professionals established through years of experience, we develop and coordinate complex projects at all levels of detail by adopting a collaborative vision among the disciplines involved in the project. In this way we are able to offer a comprehensive approach involving all components of the plant building system.

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Here are the main areas in which we specialize:

Plant design

We undertake the design of technological systems with a focus on energy efficiency. We operate in both residential and tertiary and service sector properties, all the way to manufacturing site facilities. We specialize in designing HVAC systems, such as thermal, air conditioning, air handling, monitoring and remote control systems. We also deal with design at all levels of energy production systems, renewable energy systems, electrical and mechanical systems.

Construction design

We specialize in designing building interventions related to energy efficiency goals for buildings to reduce their environmental impact. We design interventions on the opaque and transparent envelope in mainly civil and residential areas, also taking care of the preparation of the necessary building practices and any landscaping practices.

BIM design

In recent years, we have been specializing in the execution of design using BIM (Building Information Modeling) methodology, which allows a multidisciplinary and dynamic approach to the execution of works, starting from the concept and design phase.

Cutting-edge customized solutions

Thanks to our collaborative ties with academia and through a close network of business contacts, we are always aware of the technological innovations being presented in the market. This allows us to offer our clients customized solutions that adopt the best and most efficient technologies on the market.

Additional design-related services

We are also in the business of providing our clients with a range of services that follow the project through the implementation stages as well, such as:
– Construction management and site assistance
– Testing
– Security Coordination
– Design verification and validation

Other energy efficiency services for companies, businesses and government agencies

Construction Design

The energy efficiency of a property must take into consideration not only the plant components, but also the building components

BIM Design

Designing in BIM Oriented mode easily allows information to be exchanged with all other actors in the supply chain without quality loss

Plant Design

We have well-established experience in design at all levels of technological systems with a focus on energy-efficient

Other energy efficiency services for companies, businesses and government agencies