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Energy consumption monitoring services

Technical Services

Energy consumption monitoring makes it possible to collect and analyze data on building energy consumption in order to identify energy-saving opportunities and improve facility efficiency. Monitoring also fulfills the legal obligation: in fact, Legislative Decree 102/2014 requires large enterprises and energy-intensive businesses to perform diagnoses that, in turn, include a strategy for monitoring and measuring energy consumption.
Enertech Solution offers services related to the monitoring and supervision of energy consumption and follows its clients in defining a measurement and monitoring plan aimed at increasing energy efficiency.

How to control energy consumption

The energy diagnosis, which is mandatory for some types of enterprises, must be functional in acquiring a thorough and reliable knowledge of the consumption profiles of the analyzed facilities. To this end, it is always useful, sometimes necessary, to implement a measurement and monitoring plan. The latter makes it possible to identify the consumption points to be monitored, according to a structure called the "meter tree,'' to choose the type and characteristics of the instruments to be used, and to define the methodology of data acquisition and management, including in terms of calibration mode and frequency of acquisition. It is also possible to implement an energy management system that allows in defining a set of processes, procedures and tools aimed at optimizing energy use within a facility. monitoring activities can include various activities, such as collecting and analyzing energy consumption data, setting energy-saving goals, and formulating action plans to achieve them.
Enertech Solution has a team of engineers who are extremely qualified in energy consumption monitoring. These will accompany the client in fulfilling its regulatory diagnostic obligations and in developing a measurement and monitoring plan appropriate to the organization's needs. Both the energy savings achievable by monitoring consumption and the costs due to the installation of meters and any automatic data recording and processing systems will, therefore, be considered, defining a plan adapted to the peculiarities of each context.

Benefits associated with monitoring energy consumption

Monitoring and supervision of energy consumption provides reliable data on the consumption of a building or facility and enables the implementation of an energy management system that can provide significant benefits.

Benefits associated with monitoring energy consumption

Monitoring and supervision of energy consumption provides reliable data on the consumption of a building or facility and enables the implementation of an energy management system that can provide significant benefits.


Monitoring consumption makes it possible to identify the time of day or season and the services characterized by the highest energy consumption, the optimization of which results in considerable savings. In other cases, monitoring allows the effectiveness of past energy-saving measures to be evaluated or can provide insights into the operation of systems for possible preventive maintenance.


Monitoring and supervision of consumption is the starting point for defining energy improvement interventions that optimize the use of financial resources, reducing costs and improving the competitiveness of buildings.

Fulfillment of regulatory obligation

A quality energy diagnosis cannot go without certain data, measured and monitored over time. For this reason, there is an obligation in the preparation of new energy diagnoses to measure a portion of the energy vectors under analysis. Implementing a measurement and monitoring system ensures that you are not caught unprepared.

Other technical services for energy efficiency

Enertech offers various technical services within the scope of activities aimed at energy improvement of buildings. Also discover the service of:

Energy Certifications (APE)

The Energy Performance Certificate, or APE, is a document that describes, through a summary parameter called energy class, the energy characteristics of a building, in terms of its envelope and systems, and provides information on the amount of energy the building consumes for heating, cooling, domestic hot water production, and lighting


Energy Service

What is a monitoring plan?

The monitoring plan describes the characteristics and dynamics of operation of an energy performance measurement and verification system. It must be designed to cover significant energy uses, provide a coherent and comprehensive description of the business reality, and take into account possible future energy efficiency measures.

What can an energy consumption monitoring system be used for?

Monitoring energy consumption can bring a variety of benefits. First, for some enterprises identified by Leg. 102/2014, it is mandatory to prepare energy diagnosis every four years. In general, knowledge of consumption data activates a savings mechanism, enables the implementation of predictive maintenance, possible Energy Performance Indicators based on industrial energy accounting, and a more informed and rational evaluation of possible investments on new facilities.

What is an energy management system?

An energy management system, certifiable according to UNI CEI EN ISO 50001, consists of a set of actions, strategies and procedures that can be adopted in order to rationally manage one’s energy carriers and achieve progressive savings and efficiency. The implementation process consists of the four Plan-Do-Check-Act phases; it requires an initial analysis to identify the objectives to be pursued, implementation of the appropriate procedures to initiate the management system, monitoring of the activities carried out, and verification of the continuous improvement of energy performance. The adoption of an energy management system ensures the progressive optimization of performance, reduction of costs and improvement of the environmental image of the organization that adopts it.