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Technical services for energy efficiency

Technical services for energy efficiency can include collecting and analyzing energy consumption data, creating detailed reports, and providing advice to help businesses identify areas where energy savings can be achieved. They may also include assessing buildings to determine their level of energy efficiency and creating action plans to improve it.

What do we deal with specifically?

The goal of the technical services offered by Enertech is the energy efficiency of companies, businesses, facilities, and public agencies. Specifically, the services offered are:

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The advantages and benefits of technical services

The development of technical services by qualified outside firms supports companies that lack the technical skills to carry them out in-house. In this way, it will be possible for companies to focus on their core business, delegating professional technicians to perform the tasks they need.

  • Greater knowledge of its plant and property assets
    The technical services we offer aim to provide a better understanding of one’s real estate assets, through, for example, the conduct of plant or architectural surveys and censuses, technical-legal due diligence, or the drafting of APEs. With a better understanding of the existing, we are able to propose improved solutions aimed at energy efficiency and regulatory compliance.
  • Better management of its real estate assets
    The proposed technical services aim to provide the necessary tools for better management of one’s real estate assets from an energy point of view, such as analyzing energy consumption or developing campaigns related to the monitoring of the same.

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Energy Certifications (APE)

The Energy Performance Certificate, or APE, is a document that describes, through a summary parameter called energy class, the energy characteristics of a building, in terms of its envelope and systems, and provides information on the amount of energy the building consumes for heating, cooling, domestic hot water production, and lighting

Monitoring and supervision of energy consumption

Energy consumption monitoring makes it possible to collect and analyze data on building energy consumption in order to identify energy-saving opportunities and improve the efficiency of facilities

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