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Design of efficient, state-of-the-art facilities

Design for energy efficiency

We have an established track record of designing at all levels of technological systems with a focus on energy efficiency. We specialize in designing HVAC systems, such as thermal, air conditioning, air handling, monitoring and remote control systems. We also deal with design at all levels of energy production systems, renewable energy systems, electrical and mechanical systems.

Enertech Solution has extensive experience in both residential and civil plant design, with a strong specialization in school and hospital settings, which are characterized by high plant complexity. We also work in the field of design in the industrial environment, with a particular specialization in the pharmaceutical environment, which requires specific attention to air quality and the maintenance of predetermined environmental conditions.

The areas in which we specialize

The areas in which we specialize

Design of air conditioning and climate control systems

Our main area of specialization concerns the design of HVAC systems, thus concerning the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of rooms to ensure environmental comfort for users or specific temperature and humidity conditions in the case of industrial or hospital applications. In addition, we take care of the part related to control and automation of the systems we design, providing the customer with a complete solution that is easy to manage and operate.

Design of power generation systems

We also carry out projects in the area of thermal energy production systems, again with a regard for particularly efficient and state-of-the-art energy sources. For example, we have designed district heating power plants and combined heat and power plants for both civil and industrial applications.

Activities for comprehensive upgrading of building-plant systems

Especially in the civil and residential sectors, we often find ourselves planning a comprehensive upgrading of building-plant systems. Therefore, we also deal with the design of systems for the production of energy from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, as well as lighting, control and monitoring systems.

Design in industry

In the industrial field, we deal with the optimization of industrial processes in order to reduce losses and improve the overall efficiency of the production process. As examples, we carry out projects related to process air conditioning, heat recovery, and the production of secondary energy sources such as hot water or compressed air.

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Construction design

The energy efficiency of a property must take into consideration not only the plant components, but also the building components.

BIM design

Designing in BIM Oriented mode easily allows information to be exchanged with all other actors in the supply chain without quality loss

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