Oggetto della commessa: Progettazione esecutiva per la riqualificazione dell’impianto ad aria compressa a servizio della centrale di teleriscaldamento di un comune del nord Italia.

Job objective: Identification of the main critical issues of the compressed air system and drafting of the executive plans for the identified resolution actions

Key information

Nome Commessa: Progetto esecutivo riqualificazione impianto aria compressa centrale di teleriscaldamento in un comune del nord Italia

Job Period: August 2021 – September 2022

Edifici coinvolti:

  • Centrale di teleriscaldamento un comune del nord Italia

Description of activities:

For the preparation of the executive design drawings in question, a careful analysis of the documentation provided by the Client (floor plans, single-line diagrams and room layouts) was conducted, and targeted site inspections were carried out.

The main critical issues encountered include: excessive compressor overheating during the summer period, space congestion in the technical room, the system’s interface with a non-native distributed control system (DCS), and the management of the compressor switching sequence that is difficult to calibrate.

With the aim of upgrading the compressed air plant and increasing its level of reliability and safety, the identified resolution interventions include: optimizing the space inside the technical room by relocating the compressed air tank outside, upgrading the plant’s ventilation system by installing new extractors placed on the roof of the building, and replacing the oldest compressors with new elements equipped with a cascade management system, prepared for optimal interfacing with the DCS.

The project required the preparation of tender documents for the award of equipment supply and the subsequent technical alignment phase of suppliers.

The documentation produced during the executive design phase of the mechanical systems consists of the following documents: P&ID design diagrams (piping and instrumentation), data sheets of the main components, plant layouts, operating logics and metric calculations. With reference to civil works, tables of excavations and metalwork were produced, while with regard to electrical works, process diagrams were produced and technical specifications of major components were detailed.

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