Subject of the order:
Preparation of the project bid for the tender Maintenance Framework Agreement Politecnico di Milano – Lot 2 CIG: 9161048FF3, Lot 9 CIG: 9161451C85

Objective of the order:
Identification of the best ways to manage the maintenance activities of the electrical infrastructure and data network at the buildings in use by the Polytechnic University of Milan

Key information

Client Name: Alfredo Cecchini

Job Name: Tender Framework Agreement Politecnico di Milano – Maintenance of electrical systems

Order Period: April – May 2022

Total amount of work: The total amount is estimated at €4,000,000 for both Lots

Buildings involved:
The concession covers the following lots:

  • Lot 2: Leonardo Headquarters and Cremona, Mantua and Piacenza Poles.
  • Lot 9: Bovisa Headquarters and Poles of Como and Lecco

Description of activities:

A careful analysis of the tender documents was conducted for the preparation of this bid project and related deliverables.

For each lot of interest, technical reports and accompanying documentation have been prepared according to the requirements specified in the tender specifications, taking care to customize and adapt the way the service is organized according to the specific needs of each Contracting Administration.

The strengths and improvements offered are mainly in the following areas: the adoption of organizational and training measures to reduce overall energy consumption, the installation of new components with equal or higher efficiency than existing ones so as to ensure gradual upgrading, and the adoption of improved intervention timelines for rapid troubleshooting.

In addition, with a view to continuous improvement and in consultation with the Client, the installation of innovative technology for reducing electricity consumption in particularly energy-hungry buildings has been proposed. This system has the function of piloting the various systems by deactivating them at predetermined times with the aim of reducing consumption and greatly decreasing the probability of breakdowns, short circuits, and forgotten machinery in operation.

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