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Professional services and products based on personalized assets
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A multidisciplinary approach

Our goal is to achieve continuous energy improvement of our customers through advanced solutions and high-level technology and management skills.

We offer professional engineering services and asset-based products / services developed by Enertech Solution in the following areas:

Consulting, studies and analyzes

Energy analysis, criticality identification, analysis of efficiency measures. Definition of a sustainable route.

  • Energy audit and diagnosis
  • Energy supply contracts
  • Financial incentives for energy efficiency
  • External energy manager service
  • Carbon footprint/ Carbon management
  • Energy analysis and production optimization
  • Municipal energy plans
  • ISO 50001 energy system

Proposal engineering

Technical and economic-financial analysis, preparation of projects for offers and tenders, feasibility studies.

  • Technical analysis
  • Economic-financial analysis
  • Offer-projects in the fields: energy management, energy performance contracts (EPC), facility management, soft services
  • Public-private partnerships (PPPs)
  • Proposals to join framework contracts


Final and executive projects, construction supervision, project verifications.

  • Mechanical plants design
  • Design of electrical and technological plants
  • Lighting design
  • Energy production systems design
  • Building and structural design
  • Supervision of works and assistance on site
  • Safety and security coordination
  • Testing
  • Verifications and project validation

Technical services

Energy performance certificates, architectural and plant surveys and data reconstruction, reconstruction of patrimonial documentation, due diligence.

  • Energy certifications
  • Architectural surveys and data reconstruction
  • Plant surveys and data reconstruction
  • Technical-legal due-diligence
  • Monitoring and supervision of energy consumption
  • Technical services to support real estate management

Our approach

The complexity of the energy systems of buildings or production plants requires a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the goals of energy efficiency, cost cutting, reduction of environmental impact.

The starting point is the knowledge of the system and the analysis of its criticalities. Interventions are then defined in an organic way: on energy supplies, self-generation systems, optimization of processes, management improvement, plant renewal, introduction of measurement and control systems.

The cost-benefit analysis of the various interventions allows to define an optimal and economically sustainable implementation route.

Enertech Solution Engineering for energy and environmental sustainability

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